Crash Test

One of the most modern
laboratories in the



Our laboratory is of the latest generation and we have a structure for tests with static load and stress test, measured with a load cell monitored via software. The laboratory also has an impact simulator with a non-deformable barrier, known as the Crash Test, used to simulate automotive impacts of up to 20G (gravitational force). Front, side and vertical impact tests are carried out, simulating the collision of an ambulance during the transport of patients on the stretcher. This test serves to guarantee the integrity of the vehicle’s occupants and especially of the transported patient, who at the moment of the collision must remain immobilized and without the stretcher being detached or moving inside the vehicle.

The SITMED lab is one of the most modern in Brazil, built with the latest technology and with acceleration and measurement devices imported from France.

The reliability of the tests, combined with high quality projects, made SITMED, which is already a leader in the Latin American market, certified by Conformité Européene, also known as CE marking or certification.