Retractile closing; the frame is fully retracted after pullback of the triggering handle

Static capacity of 300 kg and 150 kg dynamics

Two years of assistance and repairs when used within the recommendations contained in the manual


  • 200mm castors in high tenacity polymer, with armored bearings, light and resistant, with rubberized band and brake system.
  • Adjustable backrest (headboard) with six reclining positions.
  • Static load capacity of 300Kg and dynamic load of 150Kg.
  • Duralumin structure with plug-in joints and components in high tenacity polymers. Does not use solder.
  • Side tilting handles with automatic closing system.
  • Mattress coated in waterproof, self-extinguishing material, electronically sewn.
  • Seat belts with 4-point system and automotive couplings.
  • Automatic safety system that prevents accidental falls.
  • Complete anchoring system (fixation) for installation in ambulances.
  • Produced according to the vehicle to be used.
  • Equipment not authorized for use in MRI rooms.

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