Founded on March 25, 1998, SITMED is a pioneer company in Brazil manufacturing aluminum alloy rescue equipments. Since the beginning, the products have won the trust and credibility of the main vehicle transformers in the country, also attracting the attention of automakers and distributors.
international Much of the impetus that led to the gain of customer satisfaction was the versatility and quality with which SITMED produces, in addition to standardized models, special models that adapt to their needs.


All processes are planned, measured and calculated to guarantee their total quality. The products are thoroughly inspected to ensure total safety and satisfaction for our customers.

Each equipment is manufactured with the latest technology by trained and dedicated professionals.

Present in
several countries

The dynamics of events establish new scenarios in the globalized and interdependent world. Free competition relationships, plurality of ideas, development of new projects. Competing in all processes, respecting ethical and cultural principles is at the heart of Sitmed’s efforts.


Life Transport:
Cooperate for Life Maintenance.


Develop, produce and sell equipment to transport patients in medical emergencies, with products that provide mobility, versatility and safety, to meet the needs of our customers and users, cooperate with the maintenance of life and the well-being of the whole society.



Crash test

Our laboratory is of the latest generation and we have a structure for tests with static load and stress test, measured with a load cell monitored via software. The laboratory also has an impact simulator with a non-deformable barrier, known as the Crash Test, used to simulate automotive impacts of up to 20G (gravitational force). Front, side and vertical impact tests are carried out, simulating the collision of an ambulance during the transport of patients on the stretcher. This test serves to guarantee the integrity of the vehicle’s occupants and especially of the transported patient, who at the moment of the collision must remain immobilized and without the stretcher being detached or moving inside the vehicle.

The SITMED lab is one of the most modern in Brazil, built with the latest technology and with acceleration and measurement devices imported from France.

The reliability of the tests, combined with high quality projects, made SITMED, which is already a leader in the Latin American market, certified by Conformité Européene, also known as CE marking or certification.


We believe that if everyone does their part, we can help the planet to remain a healthy place to live. Simple actions such as separating recyclable materials, saving water and energy, contribute significantly to the maintenance of the environment. But here, at Sitmed, our commitment is greater and everyone’s engagement contributes to being an ecologically responsible company.

Our commitment to environmental issues involves, among others:

  • Separation and use of all recyclable material generated by the company.
  • Rainwater catchment system with 70,000 liter reservoirs.
  • Photovoltaic plant to generate all electrical energy consumed by the company.
  • Factory coverage with translucent areas to take advantage of natural lighting.
  • Preservation of a green area with more than 10,000 m² next to the industrial park.
  • Preservation of a native green area with more than 50,000 m² that houses, in addition to several animal species, a large amount of Araucaria trees, considered by IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) as a species in an extreme risk of extinction.
  • Projects and development for alternatives in the area of electric mobility.

We believe that our actions guarantee sustainable development for the planet, serving as an example and guaranteeing well-being for future generations.